Move Beyond Pilates

Fridays 11am - 12 noon

Pilates Therapy

Pilates Therapy combines Pilates, cutting edge anatomy-driven rehabilitation, and physiotherapy-styled assessments to make your Pilates experience even more targeted, effective and bespoke to you.

It is suitable for people experiencing tension or discomfort in the body and fantastic for strengthening all over. If you have aches and pains that are just not shifting, or you suspect that issues might be deeply connected, it is time to look at your body as a whole and find a more holistic approach to your wellbeing.

I am a qualified Pilates therapy, Restore Your Core®, and Hypopressives® teacher, with a special interest in core stability, rehabilitation and applied neurology of movement. What this means for YOU is that there are many, many tools that I can offer you on your road to getting stronger – to make your workouts more fun, deeper-reaching and more effective.

I am passionate about core and pelvic floor strengthening for both women and men. Pelvic floors are my particular area of interest – but it is not all about “Kegel-type” squeezes! My approach is not to just do traditional core exercises – but rather, to get the whole body working more optimally, we need to improve breathing, rib mobility, spine alignment, and even look at how our hands and feet move.

If you are frustrated with physical limitations and want to re-discover your zest for life and movement, join us and take back control of your health.

Move better. Move Beyond. Pilates Therapy classes with Kaye

Classes timetable:

Fridays 11am, duration 1 hour

Trial session £10. Thereafter, £13 per session for a 6 or 7-week block in advance (school term aligned).

Online classes, Reformer Pilates and 1-1 sessions are also available locally in Wimborne. Monday morning and Wednesday evenings classes also held in Wimborne.

Kaye Woodgate
07768 135481